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Friday, March 1, 2013

1 in 5 families failed to get their first choice school - what to do if this affects you

So we have news in from Hertfordshire County Council - just under 1 in 5 families failed to get their first choice secondary school this year. Around 1 in 25 families were allocated a school that they hadn't chosen at all (that's 492 very upset families in Herts tonight). This is a miserable position to be in. Our heart goes out to you all. 

So what next? 

1. Read this, the latest info from Herts CC. 

2. Prepare to trade up through the continuing interest system. You'll automatically be placed on the continuing interest lists for the schools you ranked more highly than the school you were allocated. You will also be given the opportunity to change these preferences if, for example, your chances of getting into your original schools look slender. Try not to be too hung up on one particular school. Look to trade up... and keep trading up... it can be a long process, taking months, so prepare for the long haul. We were offered a place the week before the start of term - this is not untypical.

3. Appeal, appeal, appeal. It's always worth a shot. But you really do need to be prepared. If you buy our guide, we'll help you further as much as we can. It's only £6.49 and other parents have told us that it's helped them to win their appeal. You haven't got much to lose, basically, it's the cost of a very average bottle of wine from the Co-op (and I should know, I've just drunk half a glass). 

We'll be updating this site as new info rolls in... in the meantime, keep calm. And if you've got any questions, and you're a member, then send us a question via the Q&A. If you're not a member... well... join? 

Hang on in there. We're here to help, if you need us.

Catherine x




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