The beat-the-system guide to school appeals – just £6.49

Nationwide & Hertfordshire versions.

Failed to get the school you want? Then dry your eyes, seize control, and appeal. We want to help you take on the system – and win.

SchoolGuru Nationwide and Hertfordshire school appeals guides for 2020

School admissions appeal advice

The guides are written in an accessible way and include the lowdown on:

  • How other people have worked the system.

  • The mistakes that lots of parents make.

  • Writing and presenting a killer appeal.

Our invaluable guides will help you through the next few months, holding your hand, every step of the way. Three in ten parents will win their appeal, so isn't it worth your best shot?

There are two versions: the Nationwide Guide and the Hertfordshire Guide. Both are packed with advice, tips, and inside information. Our guides are updated regularly (most printed books on appeals are now hopelessly out of date). The current versions were created in January 2020.

The guides set out your position as simply as possible, and will help you take on the admission authority. They cover all appeals, including notorious key stage 1 appeals. The guides are available as e-booklets for just £6.49 each - and will be emailed to you within hours of payment.

Here are some tips to get your appeal started

Payment options

PayPal: You can pay via PayPal. This is a secure system that enables you to pay using your PayPal account, debit or credit card. The guide will be sent out automatically by email as soon as payment has been processed.

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The guide will go to the email address that's linked to your PayPal account. Please let us know if you are unable to receive documents via email, or prefer not to pay via PayPal, so that we can make alternative arrangements. You should receive the guide by email within three hours of payment (check your spam filter if you don't see it within that time). If you don't see it, don't hang about, we know how urgent this will be for you. Just email us and we'll deal with it asap.

In the unlikely event of any problems, please email us at or text 07957 464585.

Here’s what parents say about the guides...

Gavin H: "I didn't know where to turn, then I stumbled on your guide, followed the advice - and just found out that I've won my appeal!".

Mrs J, St Albans: "I won my appeal by using one of your tips. Thank you so much!"

Mrs S: "Thanks for the guide. It is extremely useful, perhaps the most informative and helpful that I have read".

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