Pull up a chair... let’s chat about Hertfordshire’s school admission rules

Finlay and Arthur in school uniform

To use the Admission Calculator, you’ll need to work out which rule you’ll be considered under, for each school that you’re interested in. You will probably find that you qualify under different rules for different schools.

Once you've selected a school, using the Admission Calculator, the admission rules will pop up under the map. Go through the rules in turn, starting at 1, then 2, then 3, and so on, and find the first one that applies to you. Put this rule in the Calculator, as it's the rule you will be considered under if the school is oversubscribed. At the top of the rules, you can see what type of school it is (eg, voluntary-aided mixed-sex primary school).

First, choose between primary or secondary schools:

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Quick question: Do schools change their rules on a regular basis?

Read our advice in the Q&A section or ask your own question about Herts schools admission rules.

Neela and Sacha

Neela, 37, a mum of three from St Albans, says:
"I'm using SchoolGuru to help me find the best secondary school for my son, eight-year-old Sacha. I've found out he's got a good chance of getting into Verulam, and a reasonable chance of Sandringham – but I should forget about Beaumont! This is a good reality check and helps me plan ahead. If I decide that Beaumont is the only school for us, I know we'll have to move. Or if we stay where we are, I'll know it's a longshot, so it won't be a huge blow when he doesn't get in". Sofa, so good: Neela and Sacha (pictured left)

Please note: SchoolGuru has changed the wording of the rules slightly to make them easier to interpret. The rules in their original form are the copyright of Hertfordshire County Council and can be viewed on their website. For more information, visit Herfordshire County Council's website

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