OMG what's my parish?


You’ll need to know this for community secondary schools, and a few additional schools, so you can work out which rule you’ll be considered under. Hertfordshire County Council has divided up the county into so-called ‘towns, parishes and unparished areas’ (we’ll call them ‘parishes’ from now, for short).

The parish you live in will affect your chances of getting into any oversubscribed community secondary school. You can find out which parish you live in, by looking at your council tax bill – or if you're in any doubt, call Hertfordshire County Council on 0300 123 4043. Some parishes are not a 'priority area' for any schools. Got it? Good. Now, you can find out if you live in the 'priority area' for the school you really want. Just use the handy tools below...

I know my parish. So what schools are in my priority area?


If your parish isn't listed, it's because you are not in a priority area - sorry!

I've found a great school. Do I live in its priority area?


If your school isn't listed, it might not have any priority areas. Check rules for more info.

Bear in mind...

  • You may be in the priority area for several secondary schools. That doesn't mean you'll get in, but it improves your chances.

  • Your parish may not appear in the drop-down list. That means that there isn't a school that uses the priority parish system linked to your area.

  • For oversubscribed community single-sex secondary schools, places are allocated to each parish/unparished area/town in proportion to the number of applications made. Find out more here.

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