Five tips to help your school appeal

Not getting the school you want is devastating – but you can appeal. Around 1 in 10 parents will lodge an appeal. Here are some tips and advice to help you get the school of your choice…

  1. You’re about to enter into combat with the admission authority – that’s the school’s governing body, Trust, or Local Authority. Keep detailed records from now on of any phone calls, letters, emails etc.

  2. Be focused about your grounds for appeal. Your childminder’s schedule is irrelevant. But how about your child’s particular needs? Compile as much written evidence as possible.

  3. Remember, you’re appealing for a particular school, not against the one you’ve been offered. It’s pointless ranting on about how awful a school is – and you’ll only get the panel’s backs up.

  4. Keep calm during the appeal hearing, but don’t worry if you cry – you want the panel to see how important this is for your family.

  5. Arm yourself with SchoolGuru’s Beat-the-System Guide to School Appeals. It’s available for £6.49 (see below) - and the Daily Mirror says it has "good tips.”

Good luck!

Quick question: I'm preparing for an appeal. Are the panel likely to be supportive and sympathetic?

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