Six of the best: reasons to advertise on SchoolGuru Hertfordshire

1 This year, nearly 30,000 families applied for schools in Hertfordshire.

That's our target market. And last year 60,000 parents used our site.

Hertfordshire residents are highly desirable in terms of their socio-economic profile, as they are young, affluent, family-focused and mobile. The county has a very young average population when compared nationally, and it is heavily skewed towards the 0-14 and 25-44 age groups. Household size is higher than the national average and this is due to a greater representation of households of married couples with children. Hertfordshire is one of the most prosperous counties in the country with the highest average earnings in the East of England. House prices are among the highest in the country (337,444 on average). Hertfordshire has established an excellent reputation for its schools and competition for places is intense.

2 SchoolGuru helps parents find the best state schools in their area.

Once they've chosen a school, SchoolGuru's online admission Calculators will tell them their chances of getting a place, based on where they live, and the latest official data from Hertfordshire County Council.

No-one else will do that for them. Parents just input their details into our clever calculator... and seconds later, discover whether they would have got a place in recent years. The site is easy to use and around 60% of our visitors will return to the site within a month.

3 The website is used by parents who are deciding where to move to, so they can target the best schools (up to 40% are thinking of it, according to one study).

It is invaluable for parents who are planning to move into the county, as well as families moving within the area. Many of our users are from London and we are one of the first places they visit when deciding where to relocate to in Hertfordshire . There is high mobility within the area well above the national average.

4 The site also helps parents avoid the worst schools in the county.

Our audience is very discerning only the best will do. This is why they use us. Overall school performance in Hertfordshire is well above the national average, but parents are well aware that there are also schools that perform poorly.

5 We're a trusted and essential part of the 'applying for schools' community. Our 'customer-first' principles ensure SchoolGuru is well-loved by our users.

The editorial on the site combines practical advice with insider tips making it a one-stop shop for anyone considering schools in the area.

We have excellent connections in Hertfordshire and detailed local knowledge of the schools and the 'system'.

6 There is media interest in the site.

SchoolGuru has been featured on the BBC, in the Daily Mirror, on local radio stations and in many website forums.

If you're interested in connecting your business with our family audience then please call Catherine on 07957 464585 or email to see our advertising rate card.

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