We're all about data. So it's got to be right.

At SchoolGuru, we love the odd joke*, but there’s one thing we’re very serious about… our stats.

SchoolGuru's five point promise

  1. All the data we use is official data from admission authorities.

  2. We scrutinise the data before putting it up on the website. We’re careful like that. Put it this way, we check the door three times before we leave the house.

  3. When admission rules change, our aim is to flag it up in the Notes section of your school report – with an indication of what the possible implications are. We update the rules every year… and we’re ruthless. If any changes invalidate the historical results, we won’t publish them. All of our data is updated to account for changes to school admission rules. Remember, when a school adds a new rule then it can affect the rule numbering – for example, the 'old' rule 5 becomes the 'new' rule 6. So please beware of other official data you read, it won't have been adjusted to account for rule changes, which means you may be getting misinterpreted results.

  4. We get occasional emails saying ‘ah-ha but I know someone who lived miles away and got a place – your Calculator is wrong!’. We’ll always look into it… and usually the answer is because the child has an older sibling at the school, has special needs, or medical issues, and that could give them top billing under the rules. Also the information we provide is for allocation day. It's a snapshot in time. There’s a bit of a shuffle around after that, and our stats don’t reflect this. That’s because we don’t recommend relying on continuing interest (the waiting lists) to get a place… it’s too stressful and unpredictable.

  5. We will always investigate possible anomalies. We’re not often wrong, but we’ll admit when we are. Or our mums get cross. So if there’s anything you’re not sure about, drop us an email, at - we’re always pleased to hear from our members.

*Q: What do penguins drink out of? A: Beak-ers!

Show us a better way – Cabinet Office data innovation award

The Cabinet Office organised the Show Us A Better Way competition, intended to see whether there really was an entrepreneurial spirit out there that wanted to get hold of government data and make something with it.

It turns out that yes, there was.

Tom Watson, the Cabinet Office minister behind the competition, said: "These excellent ideas are born out a truly democratic competition which has seen entries submitted for all over the world. Show Us A Better Way has really captured the imagination of people in their own communities. They are telling us what information they want and how they want to use it."

"I have been delighted by the ideas submitted and how ingenious people have been in applying the information that government already holds. This is about taking service design out of Whitehall and to the people who use it."

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