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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Help! Secret bloggers required. Calling all pupils, parents and teachers!

So here's the plan...

We want to create a few bloggy things to get a 3600 perspective on school life. Please get in touch if you fancy filling any of these roles:


We'd love to hear from any students attending any of the Herts hot schools (you know the ones). We'd love to get a weekly round-up of what's going on – we're not after anything nasty and malicious, just an insight into school life. Ok youngsters, this might seem boring to you but it'll be a riveting read for us parents!

Don't worry, both you and your school will remain anonymous.


Are you looking at applying for schools, going through an appeal, relocating to Herts? We'd love to get a regular update of what's going on – the highs and lows. Again, we're happy for you to remain anonymous (or not). It will be really useful for other parents, and we can offer you support.


What's it really like dealing with our little darlings? And what's it like dealing with us parents! We'd love to get a regular update of your school week. Again, you and your school will remain anonymous.

We'll edit your comments to ensure you can't be traced and make sure you're completely happy with the posts before they go public.

Fancy it? Get in touch at

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