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Whiz Kids is a friendly and professional company, providing tuition for pupils aged 8 to 18. Their small team of experienced tutors specialise in getting students into some of the best schools in Hertfordshire, including Hockerill Anglo-European College, Parmiter’s, Rickmansworth School, Queens’ School, Watford Grammar School for Boys and Watford Grammar School for Girls.


Location: Home visits throughout Hertfordshire and North London

Contact: Liz | Tel: 07905 019496 | Email: | Visit website
Age range: 8-18 years

Levels: Secondary school entrance exams (including tests for the South West Herts Schools Consortium, and independent schools), SATs, GCSEs, A levels.


  • Maths, English, Verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning – for entrance exams;

  • Maths, English – Key Stage 2;

  • Maths, English and science – Key Stage 3;

  • Maths and science (chemistry, biology & physics) – Key Stage 4, GCSE;

  • Chemistry and biology – AS level and A level.

Term time: Monday to Friday: 4pm-8pm, Saturday to Sunday: 10am-8pm
Holidays: Monday to Saturday: (please contact for availability)


Whiz Kids tutors offer one-to-one tuition in your own home, small group tuition by arrangement, and 11+ summer holiday exam sessions leading up to the big day.

Whatever your child’s level, they can help with:

  • Exam preparation and techniques

  • Revision techniques

  • Managing exam stress

  • Confidence building.

Their aim to make education enjoyable so students can learn, understand and achieve their full potential. The programmes are specifically tailored around each child's needs, so that students can learn at their own pace and work towards clear goals. The aim may be to succeed in entrance exams (such as Parmiter’s), boost your child's grades, provide challenging and stimulating material for your gifted son/daughter, or increase their self-confidence with tried and tested exam techniques.

The team of Whiz Kids tutors are fully CRB checked and have experience in tutoring students aged 8-18. They are all educated to degree level (minimum 2:1) or hold a recognised UK teaching qualification, such as qualified teacher status (QTS). Tutors specialise in teaching in subjects in which they have a university degree or teaching qualification in. They also have a practical working knowledge of the national curriculum and exam board syllabus. In addition, tutors coaching children for entrance exams will have up to date knowledge of the requirements set out by the schools in the area.

Case study

Vanessa came to Whiz Kids at the start of Year 5. She was a bright student, with great potential, but lacked a lot of confidence when it came to maths. Her parents wanted to get her into Watford Grammar School for Girls. Within weeks of coaching, she began to really engage with her learning and the subjects taught during the sessions. Both Vanessa and her parents were thrilled when she got a place at Watford Grammar.

Quick Q&A

SchoolGuru: How can you help my child to get into the best schools in Herts?

Whiz Kids: We have a great deal of experience helping children through the entrance exam process for schools like Parmiter’s, Dame Alice Owen and Watford Grammar School, just to name a few. Our experienced, professional tutors will cover everything from the kinds of questions that are likely to come up on the big day, to emphasis on exam technique, as from my experience, many bright students often struggle with exams because they have not been taught how to actually tackle exam questions.

When you come to us we’ll carry out an initial informal assessment, during the first lesson, to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses in the subject areas and devise a programme that will target any areas of concern and fill in any knowledge gaps. Many pupils who come to us are unfamiliar with verbal and non verbal reasoning, and so we help our students to tackle these questions with confidence. Students are given assessment papers and mock exam papers, periodically as homework, to support their learning and preparation. Students have also found attending our holiday exam sessions useful. It gives pupils the opportunity to sit a formal exam paper, under test conditions, with constructive feedback after the tests.

SchoolGuru: I want my child to take the exams in the autumn. Have I left it too late?

Whiz Kids: Ideally, we recommend that tutoring starts in Year 5, as the standard of mathematics and English in common entrance exams are usually a little higher than that taught in year 6. Therefore starting early makes it easier to pace your child’s learning and gradually build confidence. However it’s never too late to make a start, as we understand that each child is different, we tailor our sessions to make the most of the time you’ve got, right up until the day of the exams.

SchoolGuru: Can you guarantee that my child will get into Parmiter’s?

Whiz Kids: No, nobody could! However with our support we can give your child the best chance of success, by ensuring that they have the confidence, knowledge and experience to tackle the exams. Each year, we help children into the best schools in the area. We also help many others to enjoy learning and achieve their full potential, and that’s different for every child.

What the parents say...

"We came across Liz, the founder of Whiz Kids Tuition, by word of mouth from a friend whose child had received tutoring with Liz. Living in an area with some of the top partially selective schools in Hertfordshire, we wanted to give our son the best possible chance. Liz was very friendly, patient and knowledgable with regards to the examination process. She was able to pick up on Sam’s strengths and weaknesses from an initial assessment session, and helped him to improve his technique and build his confidence. Sam got into his first choice school and I would definitely recommend Whiz Kids to other parents.” Mr S, Watford.

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