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School appeals help and advice

SchoolGuru’s Hertfordshire Beat-the-system guide to appeals 2014 will help you through the difficult months ahead. Our appeal guides have been updated for to cover the 2012 revised School Admission Appeals Code.

Read our answers to your appeals queries in the Q&A section and ask us for advice.

The latest goss

Aaaaagh! Hope you got the primary school you wanted. We're processing acres of data right now and will get the 2015 info up on the site asap. In the meantime, if you're a member, and you need advice, then do drop us an email.

Ooh! Have you seen the Herts Hot Lists yet? These are the most desirable schools in the county. We've just unveiled the 2015 Hot Lists for primary & secondary schools. Refresh your page, if you need to, to see the updates Check 'em out…

Aah! Also new - a Q&A about Oxbridge. Put away the Playdoh, kids, it's time for your Plato! ;)

Plus Some schools change their rules every year. OMG, we’re onto it. We go through the rules for every single school, every single year, and all of our data is updated accordingly. We'll also flag up any expected implications when you get your report. Other sites don’t do this, so beware... Data can be very misleading when it’s presented out of context.

Serious about stats: Read our five point promise and find out about SchoolGuru’s SHOW US A BETTER WAY data innovation award from the Cabinet Office.

PS We've got the 2015 data from nearly all the secondary schools up on the site now… phew!

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