TutorWise has a pool of exceptional tutors with a passion for helping students of all ages and abilities reach their full potential.


Location: home visits in St Albans, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Radlett and surrounding areas

Contact: William Larkin | Tel: 01727 881 800 | Email: | Visit website
Age range: all ages | Levels: primary, 11+, Common Entrance, secondary, GCSE, A Level, University students


All subjects on the national curriculum - and some that aren’t!


Tutors will be as flexible as possible to fit in with your other commitments and family life. They don't just tutor during term time - they go throughout the year and can put in place additional study sessions during half terms, Christmas, Easter and over the Summer holidays. Please free to contact them anytime (they're not 9-5ers!)


TutorWise provides exceptional tutors who share a passion for helping students of all ages and abilities reach their full potential. They match students to tutors based on personality, to ensure that the student can get on/relate to the tutor and therefore build a strong working relationship. All tutoring is undertaken on a one to one basis in the student’s home, which is the best possible learning environment. "One to one tutoring works, it's as simple as that", says founder William Larkin. "It allows the student to concentrate on specific areas that require attention, and the tutor can alter their teaching style to meet the individual needs of the student".

TutorWise offers tutoring for the following levels:

  • Primary school

  • 11+ and common entrance exams

  • Secondary school

  • GCSE

  • A Level

  • University students

  • Adult learners.

Tutors work with students and parents to put strategies in place that will enable each pupil to reach their full potential. In addition to the academic content being covered, the tutors can also help with developing other important skills including:

  • Exam technique

  • Revision strategies

  • Personal organisation.

Developing these skills will help to develop a student’s self-confidence – a key factor in achieving academic success.

All of the tutors have a minimum of three years' tutoring/teaching experience and hold a degree or have a teaching qualification at the appropriate academic level. They have been screened, interviewed, DBS checked and are subject to on-going monitoring by TutorWise and via feedback from other clients. All this is undertaken to ensure they meet and maintain the highest standards.

If you are looking for a tutor, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

"Highly educated tutors, amazing customer service and a business built on quality.
TutorWise has it all."

Emma, Hatfield

Quick Q&A with William Larkin, Founder of TutorWise

SchoolGuru: So, William, a tough one to start with - what are the benefits of tutoring?

Tutorwise: Wow Guru, that’s straight to the point!

Simply put, the benefit of tutoring is that it helps students reach their full potential and gives them the best chance of achieving better grades. But we all know this, otherwise why would anyone use a tutor? The real question is how do we achieve these better grades?

At TutorWise we work with each student to cover any unclear subject matter, thus helping to build a solid foundation for future learning. As well as content, we teach revision and exam techniques, and help our students to realise and appreciate the benefits of focused working. Combining these elements helps to boost a student's confidence as well as developing the skills they will require, not only for their current education, but also in the future. We truly believe that tutoring is about helping each student reach their full potential.

SchoolGuru: So who needs a tutor?

Tutorwise: Tutors have historically always been used by students in full time education who were considered to be struggling and required additional help outside of school. Today however, more and more students are engaging tutors to help them reach their full potential as they strive to obtain top academic grades, gain entrance to desirable schools or universities, or to broaden their range of study. We are also seeing a growing trend of adults learners engaging tutors to learn new skills in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace. Who knows Guru, we could even tutor you!

SchoolGuru: Which subject is the most requested for tutoring?

Tutorwise: Maths, Maths and Maths! At GCSE and A Level, Maths is the subject most in demand. As a pure subject it leaves little room for interpretation in the way a subject such as English does, so students have to develop an understanding of the logic behind how to arrive at an answer, which many students find challenging – especially if the fundamentals aren’t in place.

English, the Sciences and Modern Languages are also popular requests, as students and parents tend to focus and place emphasis on the traditional core subjects in school.

SchoolGuru: Do you get any really unusual requests?

Tutorwise: We’ve not had any ‘far out’ requests… yet… but it depends on your definition! We have seen an increase in demand from adult learners to learn about Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) as they want to try and keep up with their kids/grand kids!

SchoolGuru: Can you give us a quick exam tip?

Tutorwise: There are plenty of exam tips I could give, but the best advice for exams is getting your revision started early and working hard (as much as I’d love to say there is a quick fix, I’m afraid there really isn’t one when it comes to exam success)!

There are tactics a student can use on the day of the exam to help give them the best chance for success. These range from reading the questions properly (obvious but often a mistake made under pressure) to staying hydrated (again, something often overlooked during a stressful time but very important, especially given that most exams are in the summer!). We’ve actually created Top Tip sheets for exams and revision - if you'd like us to send you a free copy, please email us at

SchoolGuru: What age you should start tutoring your child so they can get into a school like Parmiter's?

Tutorwise: There is no definitive age to start tutoring a student for an exam (entrance, GCSE or A Level) as it all depends on the individual student, what their goal is, and what their starting point is relative to that goal. Of course the earlier they start, the greater the chance a student has. For entrance exams, parents can speak with the desired school and understand what will be required of the student. This helps to identify any areas that need developing to give the student the best chance of success. A student’s confidence plays a big part in assessment days and tutoring can help a student develop the skills they require. We are always happy to discuss how we can help in these situations.

SchoolGuru: Can you learn effectively in front of the telly (my kids tell me this is possible)?

Tutorwise: I think they’re pulling your leg on this one... When was the last time you saw an exam question asking about who Ian Beale is married to now in EastEnders? For other tips on revision and exams we’ve created a guide which may help you and your kids. We’ll happy share this with you, if you email us at

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