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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Help! Please explain how the continuing interest runs work.

Ok, so here we go... Continuing interest (CI) is the waiting list system managed by the Council. You will automatically be placed in the first continuing interest run for any schools that you ranked more highly than the one you were offered a place at – so long as the school's admissions arrangements are run by Herts CC. This basically applies to all community schools and most voluntary controlled and academy schools. If in doubt, check with the school. The Council advise you to do this anyway. 

Normally, you have to wait if you want to change your preferences until the second run of continuing interest. However there are often exceptions to this, so keep checking the Council's site for the most up to date info, so you can be 'in like Flynn' if other schools pop up.

NB: Any new application will overwrite your existing application and therefore you must include any schools from your initial application that you still want to be considered for. Don't mess this up. 

If you applied online you can log on and should be able to view your position on the continuing interest lists from a given date (usually in May). If you applied by post you will need to contact the Council. Alternatively, email the Council, don't hang about. 

If you haven't got what you want, you're gonna need a strategy. Tell us your situation, and we'll stroke our beards and give you our opinion. Visit our Q&A section where members can ask questions about admissions and appeals. If you're not a member... dur... join up. It's only twenty squid. 

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