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Friday, February 1, 2013

How do you rate Ofsted's inspection policy?

Now, at SchoolGuru we really do take all this Ofsted inspection stuff with a pinch of salt! But that's our view. We just find the whole thing slightly random. Take this as an example:

Your school's previous Ofsted inspection judged the school as 'good' and the academic results have been consistent since then. So, because Ofsted focuses its attention on schools that have struggled in previous inspections, your school gets the letter saying it doesn't need an inspection this year.

Big sigh of relief all round the staff room. But hang on.... what if your headteacher has a bit more ambition and wants to make things even better? Surely they would be striving to trade that 'good' up to an 'outstanding'. Trouble is, they won't get that chance for another year.

Many schools would do anything to be rated as 'good' and never have to see an inspector again. But there must be a fair few 'good' schools that think they can to do better but aren't being given the chance.

It's a bit like ignoring all the pupils that are on target to get above a C grade and only teaching the ones that are struggling.

Surely that would never happen!

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Agree. I'm sure they've made their mind up about the ratings before they even go into a school.
By Simon P on Friday, February 1, 2013

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