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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hot news on the independent sector

You've been asking us for information on the independent sector. We're state school specialists, but we get it. You want to consider all the options when planning your children's education. The independent schools in Hertfordshire are among the best in the country, with small classes, excellent facilities and great results. We suggest visiting as many as you can, to get an idea of what they could offer your child. You can use the links below to find out more...

The Independent Schools Council (ISC): Do your homework and read up on everything from choosing schools to scholarships. You can also search for schools in your area.

The Independent Association of Prep Schools: This website has a handy 'School Finder' so you can sniff out suitable schools.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate: Get the lowdown on the schools you're interested in by reading the inspection reports carried out by the ISI.

Ofsted: If the ISI hasn't inspected the school, try Ofsted. The reports are available online. 

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