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Bright Young Things only employ tutors from top universities who have a passion for teaching their subject.


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Age range: Age 7 and upwards | Levels: Small group tuition in maths and English, 11+, secondary, GCSE and A level tuition.


They specialise in Maths and English for 5-12 year olds. They also offer GCSE and A level tuition in Maths, English and Science as well as 11+ preparation, including Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. Other subjects are available on request.


All year round with specific revision courses such as Oxbridge preparation in the summer and autumn (see website for more details).


Bright Young Things tuition centre in St Albans offers tuition in the core subjects to students aged 5-18.

They specialise in small group tuition in Maths and English for students aged 5-12; 11+ preparation for the local selective schools; and English, Maths and Science classes at GCSE and A level.

The tuition takes place in a calm and nurturing environment at their centre in St Albans. Their teachers have years of experience in their teaching area and deliver lessons in a focused and engaging manner.

Bright Young Things will offer a free academic assessment of your child before tutoring begins. The assessments have two key benefits; firstly they are an effective tool in gauging a child's current level of performance, giving an insight to what areas require particular attention in the coming weeks and months ahead. Secondly, they serve as useful exam practice in the lead up to their exams.

Lesson prices start at £11.20/hour.

  • Small groups, individually tailored support.
  • Suitable for students looking to be challenged and those who need a confidence boost or work on areas of weakness.
  • They accept childcare vouchers.
  • Free trial lesson or assessment.

"We just wanted to say how happy we have been with Luke (Bright Young Things tutor). He has completely transformed my sonís attitude to learning. My son sat his 11+ exam the other day and came out feeling confident and happy. Thank you so much!"
Mother from St Albans

Quick Q&A with Sofia Carlson, Director of Tutoring at Bright Young Things

SchoolGuru: What are the Ďmost wantedí subjects for tutoring?

Bright Young Things: Students come to us for tutoring for various reasons. Some are looking to address a specific area of weakness and others want help to stretch themselves academically and achieve top grades. Most students who engage our services are faced with an academic challenge in the form of an exam or assessment. For entrance exams to top schools in the country, the main subjects we help with are Maths, English and Reasoning.

For national exams such as GCSE and A level, the core subjects Maths, English and Science are always in demand. Many students need help not only with subject knowledge but also with exam techniques. Our tutors teach students how to best tackle an exam question and formulate his/her ideas on paper in a structured way.

SchoolGuru: Can you help my child get into the schools, like Parmiter's, in the South West Herts Schools Consortium - I know the exams are really tricky and itís very competitive?

Bright Young Things: Our teachers at the St Albans centre are very familiar with the entrance requirements for the South West Herts School Consortium and have an efficient program in place to best prepare students for the exams.

Our classes focus on building students' Reasoning and Maths abilities, two of the areas students are tested in as part of the Consortium's entrance exams. Our tutor also place significant emphasis on English, as having a sound foundation in the subject helps students with the Reasoning part of the exam.

A big part of successfully taking an exam is exam techniques and this is something our tutors are able to offer support in.

SchoolGuru: Can you make my kid top of the class?

Bright Young Things: We can certainly help a child reach their full potential. By responding to a child's individual learning style and needs, our tutors help students build a solid foundation upon which to develop their academic interests and skills. We focus on providing fun and engaging lessons which help students become self motivated in their learning and boost their confidence.

SchoolGuru: Can you help my child with entrance exams to schools in the independent sector, like St Albans High School for Girls?

Bright Young Things: Yes, our tutors have a great track record of successfully preparing students for entry to the independent sector. Similarly to the preparation for the South West Herts Consortium tests, our tutors ensure students have a solid foundation in the tested subjects as well as a good understanding of exam techniques.

SchoolGuru: Iím moving to St Albans from overseas and my child needs a little help to catch up with the UK curriculum. Can you help?

Bright Young Things: Absolutely. We have worked with a number of students over the years who have relocated to England and needed help to get up to speed. Our teachers are familiar with the national curriculum for each key stage and year group and will develop a tuition program to help bridge any gaps in a studentís knowledge and boost confidence.

SchoolGuru: Do you offer tutoring in any really unusual subjects?

Bright Young Things: A fun and unusual subject we offer as part of our courses is coding. We want to give children the tools to learn about technology and coding in an innovative and exciting way. This ties in with Michael Goveís recent plans to introduce a new computing curriculum designed to equip every child with the computing skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

SchoolGuru: What would you say is unique about Bright Young Things?

Bright Young Things: We believe in a traditional model of teaching where the key emphasis is on the interaction between the teacher and student. The environment in which the teaching takes place is as important as the teaching itself. Thus keeping our class sizes small allows us to focus on each childís individual learning needs, while still giving students the chance to interact with other like-minded peers. The combination of inspiring teachers and room for discussion and exploration with other students boosts pupilsí confidence and provides an excellent base for learning.

Our teaching aims to diversify a childís learning experience and encourage students to go beyond the textbook and become self-motivated, independent learners.

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