Watford St John's C of E School

School: Watford St John's C of E School
Type: Academy/Free School
Address: 38c Estcourt Road Watford Hertfordshire WD17 2PS
Telephone: 01923 255017
Email: office@watfordstjohns.org
Age range: 4-11

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Admission rules for Watford St John's C of E School

This is a faith primary school (Free school). Read the notes that pop up when you get your results... 

50% of places (30 reception places) will be allocated to children of the Christian Faith which is defined by regular attendance of worship (at least twice a month for a period of one year prior to the application being submitted) at a Trinitarian Christian Church. Attendance of Messy Church is considered worship.

1. Children who are/were looked after. 

2. Children with a social or medical reason where it can be demonstrated that only this school can meet the needs of the child. Applications under this criteria must be supported by written evidence from a professional such as a doctor or social worker involved in the case.

3. Siblings of children who will still be attending the school in the academic year of admission. Siblings include half-siblings, step-siblings, adopted or foster brothers or sisters, or a child looked after, or previously looked after, living in the same family unit at the time when the child is due to start in the school.

4. Children of staff. 

5. Other children, with priority being given to those living closest to the school. This will be the straight line distance from the child’s home address to the school, using the same computerised mapping system that Hertfordshire County Council use when calculating distance from home to school for school admissions.


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