Summercroft Primary School

School: Summercroft Primary School
Type: Academy
Address: Plaw Hatch Close Bishop's Stortford Hertfordshire CM23 5BJ
Telephone: 01279 307477
Age range: 3-11

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Find out your chances of getting into Summercroft Primary School

Admission rules for Summercroft Primary School

This is an academy mixed-sex primary school. Published admission number: 60

Rule 1: Children in public care and previously looked after.

Rule 2: Children with a demonstrable medical or social need to go to the school.

Rule 3: Sibling at the school (Reception to Year 5). A sibling means the sister, brother, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, or child of the parent/carer or partner. The sibling must live in the same house as your child from Monday to Friday.

Rule 4: Children of staff

Rule 5: It's your nearest community or voluntary-controlled school or other school/academy following Hertfordshire County Council's rules. You will only qualify under Rule 5 for one school – find out which one by calling Herts CC on 0300 123 4043.

Rule 6: Distance: children who live nearest to the school. Note: If you don't qualify under Rules 1-5, you'll qualify under Rule 6.

Tiebreaker: These rules are applied in the order they are printed above. If more children qualify under a particular rule than there are places available, a tiebreak will be used by applying the next rule to those children. Where there is a need for a tie-breaker where two different addresses measure the same distance from a school, in the case of a block of flats for example the lower door number will be deemed nearest as logically this will be on the ground floor and therefore closer. If there are two identical addresses of separate applicants, the tie break will be random.

Top tip: Not sure what your closest community or VC school is? Ask Herts CC (tel: 0300 123 4043). While you're waiting for a response, use Rule 6 in the Admission Calculator. If you're interested in the school, that's your worst case scenario.

Special note: Any child with a statement of special educational needs, that names the school, will be offered a place (because that's the law!).


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