St John the Baptist VA C of E Primary School

School: St John the Baptist VA C of E Primary School
Type: Voluntary_Aided(Faith)
Address: Hillside Lane Great Amwell Ware Hertfordshire SG12 9SE
Telephone: 01920 870135
Age Range: 4-11

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Find out your chances of getting into St John the Baptist VA C of E Primary School

Admission rules for St John the Baptist VA C of E Primary School

This is a voluntary aided mixed-sex primary school.

Rule 1: Children in public care.

Rule 2: Children with a demonstrable medical or social need to go to the school.  

Rule 3: Sibling at the school at the time of entry. 

Rule 4: Children who at the time of application have their home address within the Ecclesiastical Parish of Great Amwell with St. Margaret’s one or more of whose parents/guardians have, attended public worship at a Church of England Church at least once in each calendar month at the time of application, and for a period of one year previously. Applicants in this category will be required to provide evidence of attendance (signature of Vicar) at the time of application. The Governors anticipate that parents given a place for their child under this priority will still satisfy the requirements of church attendance at the time of admission. Any parent who is unsure about the parish in which they reside can check on the website

Rule 5: Children whose home address is outside the area as defined in Category 4 above, one or more of whose parents/guardians have, at the time of application, shown commitment to the Church of England or another Christian Church by attending a service at least once a month for the year prior to an application being made. Applicants in this category will need to ask their priest or minister to complete the relevant section of SIF.

Rule 6: Any other children.

Tiebreaker: distance to the school (closest applicants take priority)

Special note: Any child with a statement of special educational needs, that names the school, will be offered a place (because that's the law!).


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