Brookmans Park Primary School

School: Brookmans Park Primary School
Type: Foundation
Address: Bradmore Way Brookmans Park Hatfield Hertfordshire AL9 7QY
Telephone: 01707 652355
Age range: 4-11

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Admission rules for Brookmans Park Primary School

This is a foundation mixed-sex primary school. Published admission number: 45

RULE 1: Children who are in public care (Children Looked After), or previously looked after and then adopted or subject to a special guardianship order or residence order.

RULE 2: Medical/social need. 

RULE 3: Children who have a brother or sister on the roll of the school at the time of application. This applies to siblings who, at the time of application, are actually at the school (in year 1 – 5) or have been offered a place at the school.

RULE 4: Children who live within the area bounded by the following roads: Great North Road, Kentish Lane, Grubbs Lane, Woodside Lane, Wild Hill Road, Great North Road, Bell Lane, Bulls Lane, Station Road, Bradmore Lane, Warrengate Road, Swanland Road, Hawkshead Lane and Swanley Bar Lane. (A map showing the area covered is available from the School Office or see

RULE 5: Children who live nearest to the school.


In addition to the online or paper form, please complete a supplementary information form (SIF) for this school. SIFs are available from the school and at



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