Birchwood High School

School: Birchwood High School
Type: Academy
Address: Parsonage Lane Bishop's Stortford Hertfordshire CM23 5BD
Telephone: 01279 655936
Age range: 11-18

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Admission rules for Birchwood High School

This is an academy mixed-sex secondary school. Specialist status: Technology and Sports

RULE 1: Looked After Children (children in public care), or children who were in care and then were adopted or subject to a residence or special guardianship order.

RULE 2: Siblings. Children who, at the closing date for applications, have a brother or sister at the school in years 7-12. They must also live at the same permanent address from Monday to Friday and have joined the school during years 7-12. 'Brothers and sisters' includes stepbrothers, stepsisters, half brothers, half sisters and adopted brothers and sistes living at the same permanent address as the applicant. 'Currently attending' means children who have been offered or accepted a place but have not yet started at the school. 

RULE 3: Children of staff.

RULE 4: Priority area. Children who at the closing date for applications live in the chosen urban priority area of Bishop's Stortford, Thorley Parish and the area North West of Bishop's Stortford (ask the school for more info). Addresses are routinely checked and places may be withdrawn if a false address has been given. Tiebreak: distance from the school. Addresses equidistant from the school will be given a number allocation and then acepted through computer random number generation.

RULE 5: Geographical distance. If there are any places after applying rules 1, 2, 3 and 4, then places will be offered on the basis of shortest distances from the permanent residence to the school, as defined by Hertfordshire County Council, with those being closest given the highest priority. 

If you've got a Statement of Special Educational Needs that names the school, you'll get a place - as that's the law!


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