Goffs Academy

School: Goffs Academy
Type: Academy
Address: Goffs Lane Waltham Cross Hertfordshire EN7 5QW
Telephone: 01992 424200
Email: admin@goffs.herts.sch.uk
Age range: 11-18

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Find out your chances of getting into Goffs Academy

Admission rules for Goffs Academy

This is an academy mixed-sex secondary school.

Specialist status: Languages


If you're applying under Rule 6, don't get too excited if it says you'll get a place - read the notes for more info to find out if you really would have got in. If in doubt, don't mess about - please contact the school.

Rule 1: Looked after children amd previously looked after children. 

Rule 2:  Children who can prove that they have a particular medical or social reason why they must go to the school.

Rule 3:  Children who have an older brother or sister at the school at the time of admission, as defined by the County Council’s admissions policy.

Rule 4: Children of staff employed by Goffs. 

Rule 5: Children with an aptitude in languages up to a maximum of 10% for the year, as measured by the school’s testing procedures.

Rule 6: The remaining children will be allocated places at the school on a strict quota basis. Children attending the named feeder primary schools, in the following proportions:
a) Andrews Lane School 5%
b) Bonneygrove School 15%
c) Cuffley School 10%
d) Dewhurst St Mary’s School 3%
e) Fairfields School 22%
f) Flamstead End School 22%
g) Goffs Oak School 10%
h) St Paul’s School 3%
i) Woodside School 10%

In the event of over-subscription, a tiebreak of the applicant living closest to the school will be used, based on a straight line distance measurement provided by Hertfordshire County Council's GIS system. If there are two identical measurements for different addresses of separate applicants, the tie-break will be random. If a named feeder primary school does not use its full allocation, any surplus places will be allocated under Rule 6.

Rule 7: Any remaining places will be allocated to children living closest to the school, using a straight line distance measurement provided by Hertfordshire County Council's GIS system. All remaining applicants to the school will be considered under this criterion.


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