Watford Grammar School for Girls

School: Watford Grammar School for Girls
Type: Academy
Address: Lady's Close Watford Hertfordshire WD18 0AE
Telephone: 01923 223403
Email: admin@watfordgirls.herts.sch.uk
Age Range: 11-18

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Find out your chances of getting into Watford Grammar School for Girls

Admission rules for Watford Grammar School for Girls

This is an academy single sex girls' secondary school.

Specialist status: Visual Arts, Maths and Computing

Please note: If you are applying under a 'distance to school rule' (Rules 2 or 6), put Rule 2 into the Calculator. 

The distance of ALL applicants are measured and placed in order. Rule 2 is the initial 10% of places that are offered. Rule 6 Distance places are offered if there are any places left at the end of allocations. The school returns to the distance list and continues to work down it.

Children were admitted under rules 4, 5, 7 and 8 which do not relate to distance (siblings, medical needs and aptitude tests). 

If you are applying under Rule 7 or 8, don't use the Calculator. Factors such as musical aptitude, academic ability and postcodes are more important than how far away you live from the school - and the variables are too complex for the Calculator to predict your chances. Please contact the school instead.


Rule 1: Looked After Children.

Rule 2: Applicants whose permanent home address is nearest to the school and who would not be allocated a place under any other criterion (18 places, 10% of the total admissions). 

Rule 3: Children of permanent staff.

Rule 4: Applicants with a sister enrolled at the school, excluding sisters who first entered the school in the Sixth Form (Year 12 or Year 13).

Rule 5: Applicants with a brother enrolled at Watford Grammar School for Boys, excluding brothers who first entered the school in the Sixth Form (Year 12 or Year 13).

Rule 6: Places will then be allocated to applicants living closest to the school.

SPECIALIST PLACES (offered in a 60:40 ratio between ‘Watford Area’ and ‘Rest of the Admissions Area’.)

Rule 7: Applicants selected on the basis of aptitude for music as measured by the school’s assessment procedures (18 places, 10% of total admissions).

Rule 8: Applicants selected by academic ability as measured by the school’s assessment procedures, in merit order (45 places, 25% of total admissions). The following postcodes comprise the Admissions area. 

Watford area: WD17 1 to 4 WD18 0, 6 to 9 WD19 4 to 7 WD23 1 to 7 and 9 WD24 4 to 7 and 9 WD25 0, 5, 7 to 9 WD3 3 

Rest of admission area: WD3 1, 4 to 9 WD4 8 and 9 WD5 0 WD6 3 WD7 7 and 8 HA3 6 HA5 1 to 5 HA6 1 to 3 HA7 3 and 4 and the permanent home address of applicants from outside the Admission Area validly applying under criterion 3 or 4.%DottedRule(0)


SchoolGuru says: check the school's website for all the latest caveats and clauses... here's a little taster. 

‘Permanent home address’ is the permanent place of residence of the parent with whom the applicant spends the majority of her time. The home address must be the address where the applicant is living at the time of application and before the closing date for applications. Where parents/carers share responsibility for part of the week, then both home addresses must be quoted. The school may check the authenticity of the address stated. Proof of residence or further information may be requested and must be provided.

If the main address has changed temporarily, for example where a family is renting a property on a Short Term Tenancy Agreement (12 months or under), then the parental address remains that at which the parent was resident before the period of temporary residence began unless it can be shown that all ties to the previous address have been relinquished, or that the move is not easily reversible. The Governors may refuse to base an allocation on an address which might be considered only a temporary address.

For the purposes of criterion 4, the applicant must have a sister who will be a student at Watford Grammar School for Girls, in Years 7–13, at the time the applicant would be admitted to the school (not when the place is accepted). This means that applicants with an elder sister in Y13 (the Upper Sixth) cannot apply for a place under criterion 4. Those applicants with an elder sister in Y11 can apply under this criterion because it is assumed (for admission purposes only) that Y11 students will enter the Sixth Form. For the purposes of criterion 5, the same principle applies to applicants with a brother at Watford Grammar School for Boys.

It is the policy of the Governing Body to admit both (or all) sisters or brothers in the case of multiple births, provided that at least one of the siblings gains a place at one of the schools under any criterion and that the school is deemed appropriate for the educational needs of the additional child(ren). The additional place(s) will be counted as sibling admission.

In the event that two or more applicants are equally entitled to be offered a place under a criterion, it will be offered to the applicant whose permanent home address is nearest to the school, using the method applied by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) and data provided by them.

In the event of any of the 63 Specialist Places remaining unallocated, the unallocated places will betreated as if they were Community Places (but not vice versa).

NB: Any child with a statement of special educational needs, that names the school, will be offered a place (because that’s the law!).


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