Abbey C of E VA Primary School (The)

School: Abbey C of E VA Primary School (The)
Type: Voluntary_Aided(Faith)
Address: Grove Road St Albans Hertfordshire AL1 1DQ
Telephone: 01727 851802
Age range: 4-11

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Admission rules for Abbey C of E VA Primary School (The)

This is a voluntary aided mixed-sex primary school. It's a very popular school and always oversubscribed (wouldn't you know?!). To realistically stand a chance, you ideally need to be Rule 1-4 (even 5 is pushing it!). Talk to the school for more info. 


RULE 1. Children in public care (“looked after children”) or subject to an adoption order or special guardianship order at the time of application. 

RULE 2. Children of staff. 

RULE 3. Siblings of children already at the school at the time of entry. 

RULE 4. Children resident in the Designated Area as shown on the map available from the school (or see the list below) and whose parents are regular*  members of the congregation of the Cathedral and Abbey Church.

RULE 5. Any remaining places will be equally divided between:

i. Those children resident in the Designated Area.

ii. Those who are not resident in the Designated Area but whose parents are regular worshippers at the Cathedral.

In the event of an odd number of places being available for allocation, priority will be given to category 4i, i.e. those children resident in the Designated Area.

Any unfilled places will then be offered in the following order:

RULE 6. Children whose parents are regular attenders** at another place of Christian worship. For the purposes of this policy another Christian church is one which is affiliated to Churches Together in England and/or Churches Together in St Albans and/or the Evangelical Alliance.

RULE 7. Any other children.

Tiebreaker for any of the above categories: the straight line distance measurement to the school as provided by Hertfordshire County Council (closest applicants will take priority).


Designated Area: 

  • Abbey Court
  • Abbey Mill End
  • Abbey Mill Lane
  • Abbey View Road
  • Albert Street 1-61; 2-108 
  • Ashridge Mews (off Prospect Rd) 
  • Bardwell Court
  • Bardwell Road
  • Belmont Court
  • Belmont Hill
  • Bowes Lyons Mews (off Dagnall St) 
  • Cathedral View (High Street) 
  • Chequer Street 1-29; 2-20 
  • Christopher Place
  • Clockhouse Court (Maltings) 
  • College Place
  • College Street
  • Cottonmill Crescent 9-39; 2-42 
  • Cottonmill Lane 10-18
  • Cross Street
  • Dean Moore Close
  • De Tany Court (off Belmont Hill) 
  • Dolphin Yard
  • Fishpool Street 1-63; 2-70 
  • French Row
  • George Street
  • Gombards Alley
  • Grove Road
  • Half Moon Yard
  • Hart Road
  • Heritage Close
  • High Street
  • Hill Street
  • Holywell Hill 1 to Eywood Road; 2 to 110
  • Lady Spencer Grove
  • London Road to Marlborough Road 
  • Lower Dagnall Street
  • Malthouse Court
  • Market Place 1-11; 21-55
  • Marlborough Road 1-9 
  • Monastery Close
  • Mount Pleasant (Old Garden House) 1& 9; 2 & 4; 11-19
  • New England Street
  • New Kent Road
  • Offa Road
  • Orchard House Lane
  • Orchard Street
  • Pageant Road
  • Pearces Walk
  • Pondwick’s Close
  • Prospect Road 1-61; 2-24
  • Queens Street
  • Ramrydge Court (off Prospect Rd) 
  • Romeland
  • Romeland Hill
  • Sopwell Lane
  • Spencer Street 49-51; 56-62 
  • Spicer Street
  • Sumpter Yard
  • Tankerfield Place (Romeland Hill) 
  • Temperance Street
  • The Brambles (off Prospect Rd) 
  • The Marlboroughs
  • Thorpe Road
  • Upper Dagnall Street
  • Ver Road
  • Verulam Road 1-141 (south side only) 
  • Waxhouse Gate
  • Welclose Street
  • Westbourne Mews (Maltings)
  • Westbourne Terrace 

* ‘Regular’ members of the congregation means attendance at Cathedral services for an average of twice a month for a period of two years prior to the application date. Families who move to St Albans and join the Cathedral congregation within the two year period should have attendance at their previous church confirmed by a member of the clergy.

** ‘Regular attenders’ applies to parents who have attended services at their own church for an average of twice a month for a period of two years. This should be confirmed by a member of the clergy at their church.

The Governing body will admit a child with a statement of educational need that names the Abbey School.


If you want to appeal for Abbey C of E VA Primary School (The) we suggest you buy our School Appeals Guide, and read our school appeal tips.

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