Presdales School (Girls)

School: Presdales School (Girls)
Type: Academy
Address: Hoe Lane Ware Hertfordshire SG12 9NX
Telephone: 01920 462210
Age range: 11-18

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Find out your chances of getting into Presdales School (Girls)

Admission rules for Presdales School (Girls)

This is an academy single-sex girls' secondary school. Specialist status: Languages, Music, Mathematics and Computing (with a Gifted and Talented focus). This school has a mixed-sex sixth form.

If you qualify under Rule 5, then read the notes that come up. As you'll see, the picture may not be as rosy as the Caculator suggests. 

Rule 1: Children in public care.You’ll need to send a supporting professional letter from the child's social worker and/or the advisory teacher. Include the child's full name, date of birth and your parent ID.

Rule 2: Medical or social needs. A panel will determine whether there’s enough evidence to admit your child under this rule. You must provide supporting evidence from a doctor, psychologist or other professional involved with your child. You will need to show that only one particular school can meet your child’s needs.

Rule 3: Sibling. Children with a sibling at the school at the time of application (unless the sibling is in their final year). A ‘sibling’ means a sister, brother, half sister or half brother, adopted sister or brother, or child of the parent/carer or partner. The children must live in the same house from Monday to Friday.

Rule 4: Children of staff

Children who live in the Priority area.

Places will be allocated to each parish/ unparished area or town in proportion to the number of applications made. In the event of there being more applications than places available to a particular parish/unparished area or town, places will be allocated as follows:

Rule 5: You live in the priority area, and this is your closest non-faith school catering for girls. To check, call Hertfordshire County Council on 0300 123 4043. Tiebreaker: distance to the school (closest applicants take priority).

Rule 6: A lottery for children who live within the priority area. If you live in the priority area, but don't quality under Rule 4, you'll qualify under Rule 5. Whether you’ve ranked this school first, second, third or fourth it won’t affect your chances.

Rule 7: A lottery for children who live outside the priority area. Any remaining places will be allocated on a random basis. Whether you’ve ranked this school first, second or third won’t affect your chances.

Special note: Any child with a statement of special educational needs, that names the school, will be offered a place (because that’s the law!).


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