Parmiter's School

School: Parmiter's School
Type: Academy
Address: High Elms Lane Garston Watford Hertfordshire WD25 0UU
Telephone: 01923 671424
Age range: 11-18

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Admission rules for Parmiter's School

This is an academy mixed-sex secondary school.

Specialist status: Technology, Music, Languages

Please note: If you are applying under 'distance' (Rules 2 or 8), put Rule 2 into the Calculator.  The home to school distances of ALL applicants are measured and placed in order. Criterion 2 is the initial 10% of places that are offered. Criterion 8 Distance places are offered if there are any places left at the end of allocations. The school returns to the distance list and continues to work down it.

If you are applying under Rule 3 or 4... you would have got a place for the past three years. Don't use the Calculator, it will trick you.

If you are applying under Rule 5 or 6... Factors such as musical aptitude, academic ability and postcodes are more important than how far away you live from the school - and the variables are too complex for the Calculator to predict your chances. Please contact the school for more information. In the meantime, if you put in Rule 2, you'll see the cut-off scores for previous years in the Notes section when you get your Report. 

Rule 1: Children Looked After ie. Students who are in Public Care and have a Public Care Order which names this School. Also students who were previously looked after, then immediately subject to adoption, special guardianship or residency orders. 

Rule 2: 10% of places to be allocated on the basis of proximity to the school, based on the School’s designated measurement system. Places will not be offered under this criterion to applicants who qualify under another criterion.

Rule 3: Students with a brother or sister at the school at the time of application. The twin or other full brother or sister, born in the same academic year as an applicant offered a place, will qualify under this criterion. A sibling means the brother, sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, or a child of the parent or partner, in every case living in the same house from Monday to Friday.

Rule 4: Students for whom it can be demonstrated that there is a compelling medical reason for attending the school (supported by independent evidence).

Rule 5: 25% of places shall be available in merit order by reference to academic ability. Candidates will be required to take a verbal reasoning test and a mathematics test, which will be used to assess their academic ability. No minimum score will be required to gain admission, places being offered strictly in descending order of each applicant’s standardised test score. Information about tests and arrangements, including examples of questions, will be sent to the applicants prior to the date of the Entrance Tests.

Rule 6: Up to 10% of places to be allocated on the basis of proven aptitude in Music to be determined by prescribed tests. Further details are available from the school.

Tiebreaker for Rules 5 and 6: In order to distinguish between applicants who attain the same, lowest ranking score, which would qualify them for admission, the proximity of the home address to the School will be the deciding factor.

Rule 7: Children of staff (new for 2016)

Rule 8: Remaining places will be allocated on the basis of proximity to the school.  

For applicants who satisfy Rules 4, 5 and 6: 95% of places available will be allocated to applicants from the following Hertfordshire post code areas: WD3 to WD25 inclusive AL1, AL2, AL3, HP1, HP2, HP3 and HA6.  Please see the school's website for further information.


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