St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Royston)

School: St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Royston)
Type: Academy
Address: Melbourn Road Royston Hertfordshire SG8 7DB
Telephone: 01763 242875
Age Range: 3-11

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Admission rules for St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Royston)

This is an academy mixed-sex primary school.

RULE 1. Catholic Children Looked After (CLA) - and children who were Looked After. 

RULE 2. Baptised Catholic children from practising Catholic families.

RULE 3. Other baptised Catholic children.

RULE 4. Other Children Looked After (CLA) - and children who were Looked After. 

RULE 5. Baptised children from non-Catholic families whose parents can demonstrate commitment to the Christian faith and its practice. We will include in this criterion the children of parents who practise a Christian faith where infant baptism is not used e.g. Baptists, Trinity Life Church.

RULE 6. Baptised children from other non-Catholic families.

RULE 7. Children of other faiths whose parents wish them to have a Catholic education and whose application is supported by a religious leader.

RULE 8. Any other children.

Tiebreakers: Priority will be given to children who have siblings attending at the time of admission. Top priority within each criterion will be awarded to those with a social or medical claim. Evidence or claims under this criterion must be made at the time of application and must be supplied by a professional such as a doctor, social worker or priest to demonstrate that the needs can only be met at St. Mary’s.

a) For categories 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 a certificate of baptism is required unless the family belongs to a Christian church where infant baptism is not used.

b) For category 2 a completed Diocesan Priests Common Reference Form is required In the case of practising members of an Eastern Catholic or Eastern Christian Church, a letter from their priest verifying practice is required.

c) For categories 5 and 7 a letter from a religious leader confirming practice of the faith of the applicant is required.

Tie Break is distance measured by straight line distance measurement provided by Hertfordshire County Council.


In addition to our online or paper form, please complete a supplementary information form (SIF) for this school. SIFs are available from the school and at

The admission of children with a statement of Special Educational Needs is dealt with by a completely separate procedure. This procedure is integral to the making and maintaining of statements by the child’s home Local Authority. The Governors are obliged by law to admit any child with a Statement of Special Educational Needs where this school is named in the Statement.



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